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What is FintechWhat is Fintech

How Fintech can Transform Your Business

Are you a small business or startup looking for an edge? As technology continues to advance, it’s becoming increasingly important to make sure your business is up-to-date with the latest trends in digitalization, mobilizing and...

ecoPayz front page ecoPayz front page

You can now use Siru Mobile to deposit money into your ecoPayz account

Getting Started with ecoPayz EcoPayz is a safe and secure payment service that provides freedom to make secure online payments worldwide without worrying about your security and privacy. In this blog post, we'll show you how to...

Mobile paymentMobile payment

The Future of Payment is Here: A Guide to Mobile Payment

Have you ever been in a store, ready to make a purchase, only to realize you left your wallet at home? With mobile payment, that scenario is now a thing of the past. Mobile payment allows you to make purchases using your smartp...

Mobile Payment costsMobile Payment costs

What Are the Costs of Mobile Payment

What Are the Costs of Mobile Payment? Consumers in Germany are skeptical about mobile payments. Many are worried about hacker attacks and data privacy. Nevertheless, 47 percent would still prefer using credit cards and cash as ...

A figure about the rate of adoption for new technologiesA figure about the rate of adoption for new technologies


SiruPay is a mobile payment solution that lets you purchase, receive or send small payments in over 100 countries using a phone number. SiruPay customers can access 330 million wallets, and users can purchase in 39 million onli...

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Siru Mobile is a payment company that allows customers to make payments using their mobile phone. Customers do not need to have cash or a credit card in order to make a payment using Siru Mobile.

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