Mobile Payment Innovations Loom at Restaurant Tech 2017
Great food and attentive service will undoubtedly always be the main drivers of customer satisfaction, but technology now plays just as pivotal a role in the restaurant guests experience.

Restaurant Tech Live gives visitors the chance to try, test and touch the technology that will transform the way they run their business, attract customers, and set themselves apart from the competition.

The event held in London in September is a major European exhibition dedicated to the emerging technology and services that are forming the future of the restaurant industry. The show provides a view into the restaurants of tomorrow. It offers restaurant owners the opportunity to find the latest products, apps, systems, and advancements from across the globe.

The exhibition will deliver an exclusive schedule of seminars, debates, demonstrations and interactive features presented by the industry’s most prominent experts.


Innovations transforming restaurant industry

Focus will be emerging trends in restaurant technology, and how new wave transformations can save time, minimise waste, and increase revenue streams. A big chunk of the innovations talk at the show will be dedicated to the mobile payments advantages for the business.

In the UK, customers are some way ahead of other markets when it comes to mobile and contactless payments. This means UK consumers are growing more used to casually tapping their credit card, smartphone or smartwatch on a Chip and Pin terminal at the checkout.

In restaurants or by ordering food online, settling the bill should be just as straightforward. And there’s some first-rate technology available to make this possible.


Mobile Lunch

Mobile lunch, a direct carrier billing solution of Siru Mobile, is designed to improve the customer experience, by improving transaction speeds. The faster checkout and processing times that Siru offers could show dramatic results in boosting sales and customer satisfaction.

What is more, bars, restaurants and food delivery platforms can use Siru Mobile solution to anonymously track customer baskets and behaviour. This is possible by creating comprehensive consumer databases that offer actionable insights into the customer’s spending habits.

Restaurant Tech Live will prove the importance of mobile technology for the industry. And Siru Mobile will prove that by investing in mobile payment solutions, businesses will be giving diners what they want: effortless, instant settlement of bills without the need to scrabble around for change.

Come meet us at ExCeL in London, on the 26th & 27th of September, Stand #1144.

Register for your free tickets here.

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