Quick Payments with Mobile Tickets: Lessons from Finland
Direct carrier billing, once well known as a convenient method for purchasing digital content, is now pushing beyond digital goods to offer a payment alternative for things such as public transport ticketing.

As more consumers and merchant accept, appreciate and understand direct carrier billing, regulators and telecoms are making the necessary changes to deal with the payment method’s rise in popularity.


Finland sets an example in adopting carrier billing as a quick means for paying.

Finnish lawmakers have adjusted country’s regulations to help unleash the potential of direct carrier billing for merchants selling physical goods.

The Scandinavian country has done so well at integrating carrier billing because the system has been evolving for many years. The ecosystem started to develop back in 2000s with the launch of the payment method as a means for consumers to purchase content on their feature phone. This was gradually evolved from digital to physical, and customers have in the last decade fully embraced mobile billing as a common payment method.


Paying for transport tickets via mobile has long been the norm for the people in Finland.

Helsinki is one of the forerunners in deploying innovative solutions to ease the daily life of its citizens. Since 2006, commuters travelling on the city’s transport network can use their mobile phone to pay for public transportation. Since 2016, the use of a mobile app complements the long existing SMS mobile tickets. It now widens the net for mobile ticketing beyond the central tram and metro systems.

When getting onto a bus, train, ferry, metro or tram, users simply select their journey from a menu. Then they confirm the purchase and the mobile tickets are delivered to their phone.

Why is direct mobile billing preferred by the transportation companies in Finland?

  • quick and simple one-click transaction payment
  • no app download or registration required
  • much safer method than bank-based payments as it requires no sensitive information
  • reduces checkout time
  • improves checkout experience

Simple and very convenient payment method, direct carrier billing makes the whole process of buying a ticket quicker and far more efficient.

If you want to learn more on how carrier billing can benefit your business, get in touch with us here at Siru Mobile.

Finnish Carrier Billing Market
• Mobile network operators: Sonera, Elisa/Saunalahti, DNA
• 140% Handset Penetration
• 84% Smartphone Penetration 
• 57% Mobile Traffic

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