5 Benefits of Integrating Carrier Billing in the Food Industry
What’s available 24/7, within arm’s reach, used by 5B+ people around the world? You guessed it right. That’s the mobile phone. It’s the only item your clients have at all times. So are you making the most of it?


Clients now want to be able to do everything on their phones. So why not give it to them?

With mobile carrier billing, they no longer need cash, bank accounts or a credit card to pay for their meal. All they need is a phone and a sim card.
Following are 5 main benefits of adding carrier billing as a payment method in online and in-store food businesses.

Speedy transactions

In a mobile-first world speed is everything. It’s even more important in the food industry where people want to quickly indulge in something tasty. In other words, they expect the fastest way to check out. Carrier billing makes it possible and it is really easy to start. It takes a few clicks and less than 15 seconds of time. As a result, clients are given a small interest-free “loan” that can be paid in 30 days.

Secure payments

Most other payment methods require giving away sensitive information. With carrier billing, all you need to do is choose it as a way to pay, receive an SMS with a confirmation code and then type that code in. No name, no address, no email is needed. Thus, your client’s privacy stays protected and they can enjoy their meal in peace.

Precise marketing offers

Everyone who’s paid using their phone bill can automatically be sent an SMS with a tailor-made offer. Did you know that the open-rate of SMS offers is nearly 98%? This means that 98% of the people you send an offer to, will open it and consider it. Making SMS one of the most effective communication channels for businesses.

Instant personal feedback

One of the most precious things for every business is client feedback. Now you can ask for it exactly where and when people are most likely to respond. Namely, on their phone right after they paid for their pizza or coffee.

All these ultimately lead to More Sales

With carrier billing, it’s a lot easier to satisfy your clients. You give them speed and privacy. You ask for their opinion and send them offers they can’t turn down. All in one place. In the end, your business has more sales, and more loyal clients, that are happy to come back.


Are you eager to learn how all of this is applicable to your business?

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